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Have you ever found yourself asking, “What’s the point?” I have. A team building day in the new forest anyone? The budget running exercise when you know it’s going to be negative at the end or buying all the kit for a sport you will play only once. I’ve been here on 2 of these three, care to guess which?

It turns out though, there is a point. Not always obvious, but it’s there, subtle amidst the endless hours of deliberation about the point at which we lose our sanity. There is, in fact, purpose in identifying our own purposelessness in what we are doing as it helps us start to ask better questions of ourselves.

As we log in each morning to a never-ending stream of emails to flag for later, I try and find meaning in the mundane, remember when you first started that role? Or tried ride a bike? We all struggled, and then it became comfortable. It’s about growth, as we learn more our ability to learn more increases, to be more aware.

It’s great to see similar growth in my clients, the change of style of questioning, the growing desire for control, security and to make better decisions with less stress. Seeing the difference, I make through the advice is priceless. Now I see the point, do you?