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A goal without a plan is just a wish. Find out how we help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Taking Control with Your Own Financial Plan

If you are thinking about taking greater control of your financial situation, now is the perfect time to contact us to find out more about how we might be able to help.

It’s important to really know your situation, understand what’s required, and make a solid plan to achieve what’s required.  In case you haven’t spoken to a financial adviser before, let us explain what you can expect from us in our first few meetings.

Step #1 : Establish

Initially, we want to focus on you. Your situation, your needs, and your current understanding of how we can help. At this first stage, we are looking to discover whether or not you would benefit from our services, whether or not we can meet your needs, and if we feel we’re a good fit, then we can discuss what our remit will be and how we can work together.

The first meeting is an opportunity for us to explain how we work and what we would charge. A meeting in no way equates to an obligation on your part to take things any further, if you feel we’re not right for you.

Step #2 : Collect

Once a need has been identified and you are happy to proceed, we will naturally need some quite detailed information from you. Depending on the capacity in which we are acting, and how complex your matters are, this collation of data could be relatively light, or much more extensive. We feel it is imperative to collate this information to allow us to be fully aware of your situation, and ultimately to enable us to provide the best and most accurate advice for you.

Step #3 : Analyse

At this stage, we analyse the information you have given us, along with your needs and objectives, so that we can progress to the next stage.

Step #4 : Develop

Developing your personalised Financial Plan is at the very core of what we do at Eclipse. At the development stage, and using our analysis of the information you’ve provided to us, we will identify and evaluate the possible strategies open to you.

Financial Plans are developed with product recommendations wherever relevant, but the development stage involves a lot of discussion. Questions are welcome, and can only serve us with more information with which to further tailor your plan.

Step #5 : Implement

Once a plan is agreed upon, we will carry out the work and implement the relevant actions for you – arranging the setup of any new accounts or plans whilst minimising the amount of input involved on your end.

Step #6 : Review

Once implemented, you can be confident that given your needs and situation at that time, you have the right range of management products with a suitable plan in place. Going forward, we will monitor these on your behalf, reviewing on a regular basis to demine if you are still using the most suitable product range and that your financial plan is still the best one for you.

It is likely that over time the product market will change, and so will your financial situation and subsequently your needs. We will maintain regular contact with you so that we can ask the right questions, and as and when things do change, we’ll ensure you’re on track or we’ll notify you if we feel we need to revisit your Financial plan.

Find out How We Can Help You

At Eclipse Financial Planning, we’re dedicated to supporting individuals, families, and businesses. Explore further by accessing each area of our website, and find out more about how we can specifically help you.